I work with ex-cons, returning citizens as part of the work of The Table Foundation. We are hoping to set up a cafe for breakfast and lunch, while holding special thematic dinners in the evening with visiting chefs from around the world! But the place is really a “home” where “the Table” becomes the symbol where formerly incarcerated people can receive a foundation for themselves, professionally, personally, spiritually and practically!

That’s why we’re happy to promote that April is Second Chance Month! The Trump administration has basically continued what the previous administrations have already done.

The timing is quite fitting! April, for Catholics, is a month dedicated to celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord. Talk about another chance at life! We read in the scriptures how the early Church celebrate the Mercy of Jesus, a truly new opportunity, a second chance if you will, to have a new life in Christ!

Jesus gave Peter more than 2 chances after he denied Jesus 3 times!


It’s my belief that if people have done their penance, they should have a place at the table. That’s why I encourage you to learn more about how The Table Foundation will offer a second chance to our apprentices, including my 1st hire – Chef Steve Allbright. He is featured in a recent Catholic Review Article and you can also listen to more of his in depth story on the new show, “Shoot the Shiitake with Father Leo” as Chef Steve is interviewed in Show # 3! (And a brand new Episode 4 is now available to listen to, as well!)

While we’re on the topic of second chances, we all have to remember that going to Confession is like an eternal amount of second chances. We just have to be humble enough to admit that we all need a second chance – even after April, and indeed, every day of our life!

To support The Table Foundation and all those who deserve a second chance, please visit us at www.thetablefoundation.org/donate