The Plating Grace food and faith movement is all about building community through the power of food – a meal served with love.

To keep us motivated in this simple effort, I created a new logo, gave a new name to better describe our movement, have created new opportunities in order to engage all of our original members and tried to reach out to new members.

Here’s what I need to ask you. Do you actually care about what we are doing? If so, please let us know and stay in touch. Communicate with us about what we can do better and how you can get involved more. I summarize it all in three simple S’s.

Subscribe: Please stay connected to the new podcast by subscribing to it, subscribe to the YouTube channel, stay connected with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have a possible reach of over 100,000 people. But how many are actually engaged and how can we improve the Plating Grace organization unless you share with us your thoughts, questions and concerns?

Share: The greatest form of advertisement is YOU! Imagine what can happen when you share our message with family, friends, your church organization and even strangers you meet along the way? Please share our message and encourage others to be a part of that as well.

Support: By now you probably know that my job is to create content that can help people grow in their faith through the power of food. This is not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of resources. That is why I ask you to help us with your support in the following ways:

1) You can support the nonprofit group, The Table Foundation, in our mission to create a café which we hope to open this year. It will be a formation house for returning citizens (ex-convicts), as they assimilate back into their new life away from being confined behind iron bars. You’ll hear more about that soon.

2) You can also support the podcast, “Shoot the Shiitake” that works to build bridges for those outside the churches walls, and even those inside the churches walls who have doubts- and that’s okay! But that’s the great part of having an open and honest show, we can discuss these issues in a safe and compassionate forum. Encourage others to listen to it- your family, friends, coworkers, even your pastor and fellow church members. Or, you can support us by making a small monthly donation or by advertising with us in exchange for commercial opportunities that could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people on the podcast – audio show “Shoot the Shiitake with Father Leo”.

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