As you may have heard, I just returned from a 10-day pilgrimage along the Danube River. Working with Gus Lloyd of the Sirius XM morning Show, “Seize the Day,” we led an entire ship of approximately 150 people on pilgrimage to several different countries. As we gently cruised along Danube River, we encountered the Catholic Faith beginning in Budapest, Hungary! We eventually visited Slovakia, Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague. It was a rather intense experience, filled with so much beauty, history, art, architectural wonders and of course, faith!

Some may ask, how can you really call a “luxury river boat cruise” a “pilgrimage”? The answer is simple. If you are on a search for God, you have to be able to find God not just in the poor, destitute, and sadness. We also have to find God in the midst of culture, history, art, and the magnificence that was created by the Catholic faith!

There is no doubt people were filled with awe and inspiration looking at these churches that are older than the United States! If we don’t pay attention to our history, including our Eastern European roots, we may repeat our mistakes!

On this trip, I even had a chance to do a few interviews with people in Hungary, and even along the River cruise. Stay tuned for new shows on “Shoot the Shiitake with Father Leo” in order to hear how the country of Hungary satisfied a spiritual longing in me. And, I’m not just talking about Chicken Paprikash, but I’m referring to efforts the new Hungarian Government’s efforts to promote family life and its fight against a culture of death.

This Young Man, named Papa Mate, did an interview with me, describing how he wants to return to a more “conservative” and pro-family Hungary. He loves his country so much, he even wants to “sport” the old school mustache!

I was especially edified to know that Hungary even airs my EWTN TV Show, Savoring our Faith – and they dub my voice in the Hungarian language! Too funny, but also very fun to know that our faithful foodie message is reaching people across the globe. Also, stay tuned because I’ll be filming episodes in Eastern Europe this Fall!

Bonum TV in Hungary has partnered with EWTN to air my show Savoring our Faith!

This River Cruise Pilgrimage, beginning in Budapest, created a “hunger” in me to learn more about Eastern Europe, deepen my respect and admiration for what they went through as a former communist country, and now has grown my appreciation for how much the country of Hungary has influenced our world. From the co -creator of the Model T Ford, the Rubik’s Cube, Harry Houdini, and even the ballpoint pen, the country of Hungary can satisfy much of what our world is hungry for!

This Michelin Star Chef was putting out incredible food in his Market Eatery, Stand 25!

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