Ever have leftover deli meats and want to find creative ways to turn them into a delectable meal rather than a boring sandwich? This month's Cooking for One episode provides three great meals for a person to cook up:
•        Chicken Cordon Blue
•        Grilled Panino” Italian for Small Bread” Sandwich
•        The Basic Cobb Salad


I will presume you have the following items in your pantry;
•        Eggs
•        All Purpose flour
•        Butter
•        Salt and Pepper
•        Olive Oil
•        Mayonnaise
•        Red Wine Vinegar
•        Italian Bread Crumbs
These are the items you will need for your shopping list:
•        1 Chicken Breast
•        4 Slices of Ham
•        4 Slices of Swiss Cheese
•        Minute Rice
•        Ciabatta Roll
•        4 Slices of Turkey
•        Lettuce
•        Tomato

Click the images for the recipes:

Chicken Cordon Blue

Grilled Panino

The Basic Cobb Salad


Do you have any special recipes or ways you like to use your leftover deli meats? Please share your experiences and tips for others in the comments below, and enjoy these simply delicious recipes!